Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Hawthorne Heights

Trust issues
A Black Spiral Waltz.

It was a happy group of young wolves who got together the morning after the raid on the den. Riding high on ideas of success; it was a sobering moment when they found themselves facing an angry and aggressive Erin and council.

A tense and disagreeable council shamed the packs, aggressive and terse. Their accomplishments were considered unimportant due to the oversight of not having called the alpha of the rural pack, who had come to the residence uninformed of their actions and without explanation regardless.

The packs were dismissed from the council’s presence until later.

As rumors of distrust and occasional covertly worded accusations were placed at Erin’s feet, no one was in spirit or unity for anything more. However, with the prompting of Morrison, the group came together a day later to perform some trust and team building exercises. Both of the young packs, except one Glass Walker called away for another task, arrived mid-morning to Morrison’s preparations.

After a short time, Erin and Morrison stepped aside to speak privately. The cubs were left to themselves to perform the first trust exercise. Before they could puzzle out what the rope was for, or why it was hung about at seemingly random, shots rang out in the distance.

Cubs, spurred to action, ran onto the scene. With Erin, standing and weapon pointed directly at a panicked and prone Morrison, the cubs saw two dead an uniformed men. Silver burns and gunsmoke in the air, the cubs immediately leaped to interdict themselves. A new Get of Fenris, Kines, attacked Erin as she was restrained, failing to control his fury and killing her as she lay defenseless and restrained. The other Get grabbed Morrison, hiding in the Umbra with him in Tow.

As things progressed, more frenzies were caused and restrained. Morrison, at the last moment, returned unaccompanied. Blood and death was present and he forced the last combatant to disable another. His attempts to calm and stop the fight succeeded only after several combatants were rendered unconscious. Afterwards, they went their separate ways, the Urban pack and one rural with Morrison and the only conscious Rural pack member left behind sitting on his packmate, keeping her… subdued.

After their departure, it is learned, that the Spirit of Erin (no less calm for her brief time among the departed) explains the situation. Her back-up killed during the arrest of Morrison, his status as a Black Spiral Dancer. His treason, against Sept and Gaia.

Their Theurge Freya, however, found herself blinded by Morrison’s treason in the Umbra. Only the intervention of the spirit Pegasus on behalf of her sept leader saved her life and vision.

Reunited, trust frail if not broken, they reported in and were again chastised for their actions and inactions.

The others, however, returned with Morrison to a place they did not recognize, in a ranch home on the edge of town. There, Morrison hopes, they’ll learn the steps of…

Investigating the Manor
Not quite the plan.

Each sept has a different leadership practice, and among the septs of the Hawthorne Heights caerns, that leadership is The Council of the Tribunal. Consisting of the leaders of both septs, and representative Elders from each tribe, they stand as the word of law among the Garou in such a disparate and strange land.

And when the cubs convened to report their task completed, they did so directly to the Council of the Tribunal. Met there by a new cub to join their ranks, with a mouth that runs swifter than his wits and draws Athena’s angry attention, again mollified by Morrison’s soothing words.

After the Galliard’s delivered their tales, and new instructions given, the wolves split their separate ways to learn more about their next task. Given the chore of confirming and investigating Romulus’ purchase that appeared to never have operated as the business it was given, some researched the business, some worked to learn more about their task. And both Ragabash, with the back-up of their Glass Walker Galliard, chose the most direct route of Recon.

Despite the ominous idea of giving two New Moon’s free reign to act, they began infiltration with information gathering. And as each contact reached failed to know anything about the property in question, they went directly to the source. And the business in the city turned out to be a well guarded manor in the woods.

After scouting and ambushes, and frantic fighting, the call went out and the two temporary packs convened with Morrison in tow to heal the wounded Glass walker. And such it was when the assault on the manor began.

Despite their successes, and injuries, a pall of horror set in. As each group continued in, they discovered that the manor house was a Black Spiral den, with mortal guards and Dancer cubs. And an artifact was secretly found and kept in quiet.

The battle ended, and the Galliards began to mentally recount the actions for their next tale, the cleanup for the operation was done. Erin, who’s sudden appearance and the circumstances around her departure left questions unanswered was at sharp juxtaposition to the medical triage and council given by Morrison again.

As the packs split up to meet before the Tribunal the next day, many harbored grave doubts about the Black Fury who’s uncivil attitude and violent inclinations raised suspicions of one who may be dancing to the tune of Black Spiral madness.

But first, one more report to the Council was due.

The Opening Act: Werewolf
The Betrayal in the Urban Sept

The Story began with blood and screams. It began with family and friends fighting a pitched battle against each other. It began with brother against brother, flashing claws and fangs. It began with Werewolves at war.

But our story began after the blood and screams had settled down, when good came out ahead and beat back the darkness. Our story, so much smaller than The Story, began with with cubs in a crowded moot, as such meetings are called. A moot for the rural of the two Hawthorne Heights septs, a strong but tenuous Caern headed by a Black Fury named Athena.

This Sept leader, caustic but restrained in her anger, told the story so similar to history. Romulus and Remus, the leader and his second of the urban sept, came to blows. Unlike their eponymous tale, Remus was not slain, and it was revealed the reason for their fight, which destroyed buildings and streets. Romulus had betrayed the Garou and Gaia, as had many others with him.

The Black Spiral Dancers had come to Hawthorne Heights.

Romulus escaped with his life and many followers with him. But the shadow of doubt yet lay over the city caern and the sept that called it home. What if others lingered? What if others did not take up arms, and waited. The cancer had been removed, but if any of it had been missed?

Or worse, if the caern in the countryside held it’s own shadow that had not yet roused itself to action?

A wise man does not let fear of further betrayal stop him from rebuilding, and such was the decision of Athena and Remus, who set themselves against the daunting task of rebuilding. And so many packs were sent to clean debris, review media sources for signs that the veil had not been parted, and ensure that the Wyrm taint was driven from the city.

It was thus that cubs, not even initiated, found themselves on such squads. Erin, the Black Fury who’s barely restrained rage cowed the members of her new charges. Morrison, the Child of Gaia, who’s caring and charming way soothed the fears before battle of the cubs he guided. And after a brief introduction of each leader to their own team, both teams were instructed to ensure one such tainted site had been freed of it’s corruption, though they’d already contracted such work out before.

There they found challenges and tragedy, with the death of a Stargazer cub. But the site was purified, and their talesingers given a day to compose their reports. Wounds healed, but hearts heavy, they left to await their time before the tribunal the next day…


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