Morrison Smith

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Morrison Eric Smith

Age: 27

Height: 6’1"

Hair: Dirty Blonde

Eyes: Green

Morrison is a well put together, charismatic, charming young man.
His voice has a warm rich tenor quality with an inviting and confident tone.
He tends to dress in a business-casual manner, and is often seen with a cell phone or tablet in hand, taking notes or communicating with his superiors.

More than all of this Morrison is almost eerily influential, he has a strange knack for getting his way with people that even the greatest public speakers would envy.


Morrison’s history is relatively unknown.

He arrived at the Hawthorne Glasswalker Sept in his mid twenties, and quickly moved up the ranks to a position of import assisting with the embedment of new garou into urban society.

Recently, he was drafted to assist a small group of urban cubs form a pack and execute 2 small missions as a part of their application to their various tribes.

After a few mishaps and pointed fingers, Morrison disappeared with his pack and has not been located since. The popular rumor is that he was a black spiral dancer…

Morrison Smith

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