Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Hawthorne Heights

Investigating the Manor

Not quite the plan.

Each sept has a different leadership practice, and among the septs of the Hawthorne Heights caerns, that leadership is The Council of the Tribunal. Consisting of the leaders of both septs, and representative Elders from each tribe, they stand as the word of law among the Garou in such a disparate and strange land.

And when the cubs convened to report their task completed, they did so directly to the Council of the Tribunal. Met there by a new cub to join their ranks, with a mouth that runs swifter than his wits and draws Athena’s angry attention, again mollified by Morrison’s soothing words.

After the Galliard’s delivered their tales, and new instructions given, the wolves split their separate ways to learn more about their next task. Given the chore of confirming and investigating Romulus’ purchase that appeared to never have operated as the business it was given, some researched the business, some worked to learn more about their task. And both Ragabash, with the back-up of their Glass Walker Galliard, chose the most direct route of Recon.

Despite the ominous idea of giving two New Moon’s free reign to act, they began infiltration with information gathering. And as each contact reached failed to know anything about the property in question, they went directly to the source. And the business in the city turned out to be a well guarded manor in the woods.

After scouting and ambushes, and frantic fighting, the call went out and the two temporary packs convened with Morrison in tow to heal the wounded Glass walker. And such it was when the assault on the manor began.

Despite their successes, and injuries, a pall of horror set in. As each group continued in, they discovered that the manor house was a Black Spiral den, with mortal guards and Dancer cubs. And an artifact was secretly found and kept in quiet.

The battle ended, and the Galliards began to mentally recount the actions for their next tale, the cleanup for the operation was done. Erin, who’s sudden appearance and the circumstances around her departure left questions unanswered was at sharp juxtaposition to the medical triage and council given by Morrison again.

As the packs split up to meet before the Tribunal the next day, many harbored grave doubts about the Black Fury who’s uncivil attitude and violent inclinations raised suspicions of one who may be dancing to the tune of Black Spiral madness.

But first, one more report to the Council was due.


Atxmagehh kealakalai

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