Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Hawthorne Heights

The Opening Act: Werewolf

The Betrayal in the Urban Sept

The Story began with blood and screams. It began with family and friends fighting a pitched battle against each other. It began with brother against brother, flashing claws and fangs. It began with Werewolves at war.

But our story began after the blood and screams had settled down, when good came out ahead and beat back the darkness. Our story, so much smaller than The Story, began with with cubs in a crowded moot, as such meetings are called. A moot for the rural of the two Hawthorne Heights septs, a strong but tenuous Caern headed by a Black Fury named Athena.

This Sept leader, caustic but restrained in her anger, told the story so similar to history. Romulus and Remus, the leader and his second of the urban sept, came to blows. Unlike their eponymous tale, Remus was not slain, and it was revealed the reason for their fight, which destroyed buildings and streets. Romulus had betrayed the Garou and Gaia, as had many others with him.

The Black Spiral Dancers had come to Hawthorne Heights.

Romulus escaped with his life and many followers with him. But the shadow of doubt yet lay over the city caern and the sept that called it home. What if others lingered? What if others did not take up arms, and waited. The cancer had been removed, but if any of it had been missed?

Or worse, if the caern in the countryside held it’s own shadow that had not yet roused itself to action?

A wise man does not let fear of further betrayal stop him from rebuilding, and such was the decision of Athena and Remus, who set themselves against the daunting task of rebuilding. And so many packs were sent to clean debris, review media sources for signs that the veil had not been parted, and ensure that the Wyrm taint was driven from the city.

It was thus that cubs, not even initiated, found themselves on such squads. Erin, the Black Fury who’s barely restrained rage cowed the members of her new charges. Morrison, the Child of Gaia, who’s caring and charming way soothed the fears before battle of the cubs he guided. And after a brief introduction of each leader to their own team, both teams were instructed to ensure one such tainted site had been freed of it’s corruption, though they’d already contracted such work out before.

There they found challenges and tragedy, with the death of a Stargazer cub. But the site was purified, and their talesingers given a day to compose their reports. Wounds healed, but hearts heavy, they left to await their time before the tribunal the next day…


Atxmagehh kealakalai

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